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Celebrating CAP Members, Defying Challenges, and Reaching New Milestones

As we embark on a new year, the Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) is proud to celebrate the key milestone achievements of 2022 that serve as a testament to the strength, resilience, and success of independent physician practices across California. CAP honors our members who are more determined than ever to break barriers and prevail over healthcare-related challenges in service to their patients and the health of our communities.

“CAP’s drive to succeed is motivated by a single goal: making sure our physician members have the tools, resources, and coverage they need, year after year, to remain independent and well protected. As we face new and unprecedented challenges, CAP remains committed to standing side by side with physicians to overcome these hurdlesjust as we have for almost five decades.” - Sarah E. Scher, JD, Chief Executive Officer

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2022 Headwinds

Every year, new healthcare-related challenges arise, but 2022 was a year like no other, especially with the passage of Assembly Bill 35 (AB 35). AB 35 significantly diminishes the long-time protections provided by MICRA—the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act of 1975—which limited the cap on nonecomonic damages and attorney’s fees in medical malpractice lawsuits.

CAP and its members boldly fought to raise awareness of the bill when it was introduced in early 2022. CAP made it known from the start that the legislation would likely cause a seismic shift in the medical malpractice litigation landscape. CAP continues to believe that AB 35 will significantly increase claims frequency and costs yearly and will eventually impact medical practices, healthcare expenses, and patient access to care.

AB 35 was just one of many deeply concerning issues physicians were forced to confront and recognize in 2022. From grappling with rising costs, to dealing with increased violence in healthcare settings, to managing short-staffed operations, and facing burnout, the pressures and challenges physicians endured were truly unprecedented. Yet CAP’s membership persevered.

A Year of Record-Breaking Growth

More California physicians joined CAP in 2022 than any year since 2002. Currently, nearly 13,000 physician members trust CAP to protect them and their practices with exceptional medical professional liability coverage provided through the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT). Representing the largest membership count in CAP’s nearly 50-year history, this growth is a compelling indication that the independent medical practice is here to stay and remains a force to be reckoned with in California’s healthcare market.

Alleviating the Pressures of Managing a Practice

To help support practice success and viability, CAP has increased its focus on members taking advantage of the wide variety of practice management programs and services to address their pressing needs.

  • CAP Learning Forum CAP continued to expand its robust menu of convenient online learning opportunities for all physicians, with live and on-demand webinars addressing topics like increasing practice profitability, reducing medication errors, and much more. A record-breaking 2,800 CAP members and 1,150 non-CAP members registered for these informative webinars in 2022. 
  • Risk Education and Support Supporting members with effective risk reduction strategies is a cornerstone of CAP’s renowned services. In 2022, with more than 10,000 points of contact, CAP’s expert risk managers worked tirelessly to ensure that members were supported with guidance and education for preventing errors, keeping patients safe, and ultimately reducing the risk of a medical malpractice claim.
  • Human Resources Support Services With increasing staff shortages and recruiting and retaining good employees proving more difficult than ever, physician members continued taking advantage of CAP’s robust HR support offerings, including new discounted employee background check services, free HR consulting, free mandated training programs, and much more.
  • CAP Purchasing Alliance By 2022, nearly a quarter of all CAP members were enrolled in the CAP Purchasing Alliance. Launched in 2016, this free program has saved members valuable time and thousands of dollars by providing access to the most comprehensive and competitively priced medical and non-medical supplies. 
  • My Practice Nearly 1,000 CAP members took advantage of My Practice in 2022 to get assistance with general practice-related issues. Many benefited from
  • free virtual practice management assessments, which are costly when conducted by outside consultants.
  • CAP Agency CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) continued to offer important business and personal insurance programs from industry-leading carriers. From the newly added identity theft protection and pet insurance programs, to property and casualty insurance, life insurance, disability, umbrella, and much more... CAP Agency ensured that members had access to critical insurance solutions all in one place for added peace of mind.

Protecting Physician Well-Being

CAP will always focus keenly on the best interests of our physician members and their well-being. In 2022, we continued to provide practical and emotional support for members who experienced a claim, lawsuit, or adverse outcome through services like our litigation education retreat, adverse event hotline, and assertive claims support and legal defense. CAP was also pleased to introduce a new benefit providing members with confidential access to expert counselors at no cost to help them navigate difficult personal and professional issues.

Looking Ahead with Optimism and Fortitude

CAP stands committed to making sure physicians have the best tools, resources, and support to remain independent and successful.

In the coming year, one of our goals is to help you prepare for the impacts of AB 35 through education about its provisions, effective risk prevention strategies to help mitigate frivolous and egregious claims, and competitive and stable rates on your medical malpractice coverage. 

We continue to enhance our already expansive risk management and practice management resources and services. You can look forward to more topical and timely webinars, publications, and other programs to support an efficient practice operation and healthy bottom line.

CAP is proud to celebrate our members for their dedication to the practice of medicine and perseverance in keeping the independent practice alive. We look forward to supporting you through these transformational times and well into the future.