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CAP Residents Program

Presenting essential risk management and professional development education to residents, hospitals, and various medical institutions throughout the Western Region. 

The Residents Program is a series of modules developed and presented by CAP staff to share important knowledge about risk management, professional development, and more. The full range of hospital medical staff, from students to interns to residents to faculty and fellows, find the content of the education programs to be a valuable adjunct to classroom instruction and clinical experience. The modules, presented at no charge, can be tailored to the host organization’s specific concerns. 

The below videos offer a sampling of the topics covered in these modules: 

            Resilience: A New Take on Physician Wellness 
            The Successful Physician: Transition of Care 
            The Successful Physician: Your Money and Your Life 

To learn more, please contact Gwen Spence, Residents Program Director, at 213-473-8782 or Offerings include: 

Residents Program I, Essential Risk Management  

  • Fundamentals of Risk Management  
  • Communication Essentials  
  • Documentation: The Gold Standard  
  • Medication Management  
  • Recall and Tracking  
  • Informed Consent ― Is Anyone Listening?  
  • Physician’s Guide to Electronic Medical Records  
  • Navigating a Claim or Lawsuit Residents Program  

Residents Program II, Professional Development  

  • Professionalism: An Effective Risk Management Strategy  
  • Life After Residency: Novice to Expert  
  • Dealing with Difficult People  
  • Meeting the Challenge of the Disruptive Clinician  
  • Apology and Disclosure: Talking to Patients and Families When Something Goes Wrong  
  • Joining a Practice: Understanding Contract Elements  
  • From the Archives: Large Loss Cases  
  • Resilience: A New Take on Wellness  
  • Your Money, Your Life  

Residents Program III, Specialty-Specific  

  • Risk Management Strategies in Anesthesiology  
  • Challenges and Risks in Pain Management  
  • Perinatal Risk Management  
  • Risk Management in Psychiatric Practice: Keeping Patients Safe  
  • Elder Care ∙ Psychosocial Challenges of Aging ∙ Preventing Elder Care Liability ∙ End of Life Care: Making Decisions, Minimizing Risk 
  • Pediatrics  
  • Primary Care Behavioral Health  
  • Radiology  

Residents Program IV, Enterprise Risk Management  

  • The Business Case for Creating the Extraordinary Patient Experience  
  • Transition of Care: Information, Tools and Behaviors  
  • Patient Safety and the Highly Reliable Organization  
  • The Impact of Physician Leadership on Quality and Safety  
  • Interprofessionalism + Transdisciplinarity = The Seamless Experience