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Free Virtual Programs Connecting Physicians to Expert Support for Practice Safety and Growth
Join Us Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Advance Care Planning

Decisions Before Dilemmas: Empowering Patients and Limiting Risk

Register now for this free webinar that will help you address advance care planning with your patients effectively and comfortably. You will learn strategies for properly assessing your patients’ decisional capacity, ensuring your patients’ preferences are documented and met, and billing for associated services. Register Now >

Practice Management
Boosting Your Bottom Line with the Right Marketing Tactics

If you are looking to elevate your practice’s online presence and boost your bottom line with effective marketing tactics, attend CAP’s free webinar presented by industry leading experts who will share impactful strategies for building a winning web presence. From maintaining a strong online reputation to implementing effective patient engagement tactics, this webinar will equip you with the insights necessary to help your practice stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. Watch Now

Top 10 Strategies to Lower Overhead Costs in Your Practice

Reducing overhead expenses in your medical practice is a foolproof way to improve your net income, especially when reimbursements and workloads are at a maximum. In this one-hour webinar presented by renowned practice management expert Debra Phairas, you'll learn essential business strategies for controlling overhead costs to help you and your staff achieve greater practice profitability and efficiency. Watch Now

Optimizing Practice Profitability: How to Manage Key Financial Indicators and Maximize Performance

Take control of your practice’s financial health and profitability with this one-hour webinar, featuring renowned practice management expert Debra Phairas. This free program aims to help you and your staff learn how to effectively analyze and manage key financial performance indicators and benchmarks, which is critical for achieving your desired revenue. Watch Now

HIPAA Security and Cyberattacks: What all Practices Should Know

Medical practices are increasingly high-priority targets for dangerous cyberattacks that can result in stolen protected health information (PHI), HIPAA violations and penalties, identify theft, practice closure, and much more. In this webinar, web security expert Jeff Mongelli of Acentec, Inc. shares the most relevant cybersecurity strategies you can implement to stay HIPAA compliant and safeguard your practice against significant reputational and financial damage. Watch Now

Key Strategies for Ensuring a Profitable Independent Practice

Many independent practices are thriving despite ongoing challenges in healthcare. In this one-hour webinar, renowned practice management expert, Debra Phairas discusses how different business models and operational enhancements can increase revenue to help your practice remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Watch Now

5 Steps to Successfully Managing Your Online Reputation

In a highly competitive marketplace driven by patient reliance on the web for selecting a healthcare provider, having a strong online presence backed by positive patient reviews is more important than ever. In this webinar, CAP and PatientPop provide step-by-step guidance for building and maintaining a strong, influential online presence to help you grow your practice. Watch Now

7 Key Strategies and Tactics for Running a Successful Medical Practice

Today’s healthcare market is more competitive than ever. A well-run, efficient medical practice is critical to ensuring a positive patient experience and maintaining the viability of your business. In this webinar, physicians and their staff learn how to fine-tune the key areas that can help improve productivity, patient care, and revenue. Watch Now

Physicians at Risk: Protecting Your Business and Personal Assets

Physicians are a significant target for lawsuits of all kinds. That’s why it’s essential to implement effective mitigation strategies and have solid business and personal insurance coverage. This one hour webinar addresses the top and often overlooked business and personal risks physicians should be aware of, strategies they can implement to reduce their chances of a lawsuit, and how the right insurance can save the day when all else fails. Watch Now

Creating the Extraordinary Patient Experience

In the era of healthcare consumerism, distinguishing your practice in the marketplace is critical to your success and livelihood. When patients feel cared for, they are fully prepared to comply with your course of treatment and are confident in your expertise and the ability of your staff. When patients are unhappy, they can harm professional relationships and impact your liability exposure and bottom line. In this webinar, Gwen Spence, MBA, Assistant Vice President of Membership Services with CAP, addresses how you can build a practice that patients are happy to recommend to friends, develop a reputation you and your team can be proud of, and become the provider of choice in your market. Watch Now

Value-Based Care: Preparing for a Successful Transition

Moving from fee-for-service to value-based care presents unique challenges, especially for independent primary care physicians who are already stretched to the limit - but these barriers don’t have to put the brakes on a practice’s transition. In this one-hour webinar, the physician experts at Aledade, a company committed to helping independent primary care practices thrive in value-based programs, deliver insights to help physicians achieve financial success. Watch Now

Skills to Survive and Thrive in Private Practice

Managing a busy private practice brings as many challenges as it does rewards. Those who are willing to cope with changes and adapt to new mediums of care, technology, and more, are those that will preserve their valued autonomy and ability to realize long-term success. During this free one-hour webinar, Debra Phairas, President of Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC, addresses the top challenges physicians experience trying to remain independent and discusses key considerations for transitioning to private practice from Hospital or Foundation employment. Watch Now

Risk Management
Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad, and Everything In-Between

The use of AI in healthcare is increasing rapidly... and so are the associated risks. CAP’s risk management experts explore how medical practices can leverage AI effectively, safely, and confidently in this hour-long webinar. Watch Now

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants Working Together Under One Roof

This one-hour webinar addresses strategies for effective supervision of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to reduce your medical liability risk and ensure a thriving practice. Knowing how to properly manage and work with NPs and PAs is critical to maximizing collaboration, productivity, and quality patient care. Watch Now

Avoid and Alleviate the Effects of Physician Burnout

This program provides tangible solutions for managing the mental and physical stress frequently associated with practicing medicine in today’s tumultuous healthcare environment. Viewers will gain fresh perspectives to enhance resiliency, mitigate stress, improve patient safety, and increase career satisfaction. Watch Now

Key Strategies for Addressing Violence in the Medical Practice

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers experience the highest rates of injuries caused by workplace violence. In this webinar, CAP’s team of risk management and patient safety experts teach you and your staff how to avoid and prepare for dangerous scenarios, ranging from verbal attacks to physical assaults, or worse. Watch Now

Medication Errors and Your Liability: Tips for Reducing Risk

Unsafe medication practices are a common cause of preventable adverse patient events. Errors can arise from factors like medication contraindications, overprescribing, patient nonadherence, incorrect dosage, and much more. In this webinar, the risk management and patient safety experts with CAP provide actionable guidance for enhancing medication management procedures in your practice to help reduce your medical malpractice liability. Watch Now

Avoiding Critical Flaws in the Consent Process

Informed consent and informed refusal continue to be overlooked sources of liability risk in medical practices. Protect yourself from a damaging lawsuit by joining the risk management experts with CAP for a one-hour webinar addressing all that you should know about an effective consent process, including best practices for proper documentation and meaningful patient discussions to ensure optimal education and understanding. Watch Now

Establishing a Positive Patient Relationship…and Knowing When and How to Let Go

In this webinar, CAP's risk management experts discuss when and how the physician-patient relationship is established, identify best practices for maintaining a good relationship in today’s healthcare environment, and offer guidance for proper termination when it is needed. Watch Now

When Things Go Wrong: Transparency and Management of Adverse Events

Most physicians will have to anticipate how and when to initiate and navigate difficult conversations with their patients at some point during their career, especially after an adverse outcome has occurred. Managing a thoughtful approach and resolution process, however, can help you stay in the exam room and out of the courtroom. In this webinar, the risk management and patient safety experts at CAP introduce the core elements of a productive apology and disclosure strategy and address basic concepts and key techniques for how to effectively (and ineffectively) respond to complications arising from adverse events in patient care. Watch Now

The Ins and Outs of Managing Patient Complaints

While it is nearly impossible for any practice to avoid the occasional unhappy patient, how physicians and their staff handle a patient’s concern can impact both your liability risk and your bottom line. In this one-hour webinar, CAP's risk management team shares their experience and knowledge to help you learn about the factors that influence a patient’s decision to make a complaint, become familiar with strategies to effectively address complaints, and understand how and when to part ways. Watch Now

Working with NPs and PAs: Reducing Liability Risks

Employment trends indicate an increasing number of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) in healthcare settings. If NPs and/or PAs are part of your practice, it’s important to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding their supervision – and how they can impact your liability. Presenter Amy McLain, BSN, RN, provides insights on medical liability risks concerning NPs and PAs and offers strategies on collaborating with NPs and PAs that can lead to improved patient safety outcomes.  Watch Now

Billing, Coding, and Telemedicine
Key 2024 E/M Billing, Coding, and Documentation Updates

Ensure your practice is being properly reimbursed in 2024 with CAP’s webinar to understand key changes impacting E/M billing, coding, and documentation rules. Learn about the most important billing and coding updates, their impact on your patient care and reimbursements, and the steps you need to take for proper implementation. Watch Now

2023 E/M Coding, Billing, and Documentation Rules Impacting Your Practice

Access this one-hour webinar with renowned healthcare consultant Terry Fletcher to learn about the E/M changes for 2023 and ensure that your practice is being appropriately reimbursed. The program covers updates to E/M billing, coding, and documentation rules, their impact on your patient care and reimbursements, and the steps you need to take for proper implementation. Watch Now

Critical 2022 Billing and Coding Updates for Your Medical Practice

Every year, medical practices must comply with new and revised CPT codes, Medicare rules, and other billing updates that if not implemented correctly, can directly impact your quality of care and bottom line. In this webinar, CAP and healthcare business operations and reimbursement management expert Mary Jean Sage shares critical billing and coding updates for 2022 to maximize your practice’s profitability. Watch Now

Understanding 2021 Updates to E/M Billing and Coding

If you have yet to know what the new E/M billing and coding changes mean for your practice or have yet to finalize implementation, watch the one-hour webinar, Understanding 2021 Updates to E/M Billing and Coding. Mary Jean Sage, an expert in healthcare business operations and reimbursement management, provides details and recommendations to ensure a smooth transition to the new guidelines. Watch Now

Virtual Care: The Next Medical Frontier

The rapid pace that practices have had to adopt telemedicine over the past year have left many questions unanswered and gaps unfilled. In this one hour webinar, Dr. S. John Korangy, MD, MPH addresses the fundamental challenges many physicians experience when implementing virtual care programs and will provide a framework for a successful operation. Watch Now

Human Resources
2024 Employment Laws Medical Practices Need to Know

Watch CAP’s annual webinar covering critical employment law updates all medical practices need to know in 2024. Presented by two experienced employment attorneys dedicated to helping independent physicians avoid HR-related lawsuits, this webinar provides free guidance on new and changing legal requirements, like those affecting minimum wage, sick leave, and much more. Watch Now

Hiring and Retaining an All-Star Medical Office Staff

From recruiting and retaining top talent, to understanding when and how to terminate employees who may be jeopardizing your practice’s success, CAP’s webinar helps you manage the employment spectrum effectively and legally. This webinar shares free guidance from industry-leading employment attorneys who share proven and sound policies and procedures for maximizing your medical office staff’s performance. Watch Now

New 2023 Employment Laws Impacting Your Medical Practice

This webinar overviews the new 2023 employment laws medical practices need to know to remain compliant and avoid costly employment-related lawsuits. The program addresses recent legislation affecting wage and hourly pay, employee leave, sick pay, and much more. Watch Now

The Top HR Issues Impacting Medical Practices…and How to Handle Them

Whether you manage a team of one or 100, implementing structured human resources policies and procedures can improve staff efficiency and help you avoid employment-related lawsuits. It can also help you run a more successful and profitable practice. In this webinar, CAP's SVP of Human Resources and Operations Nancy Brusegaard Johnson, addresses how to hire great staff, effectively manage issues that arise, and systematize your office policies and procedures for smooth business operations. Watch Now

2022 Employment Laws: What Medical Practices Should Know

Staying ahead of annual employment law updates can be overwhelming, especially now as ever-changing pandemic-related guidelines and mandates continue to dominate the landscape. This webinar provides overview of the 2022 employment laws impacting medical practices and changing COVID-19 workplace regulations and recommendations for proper implementation and compliance. Watch Now

Complying with 2021 Employment Laws: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Many new employment laws have emerged this year that impact physicians in their roles as employers. Additionally, specific challenges arising as a result of the pandemic continue to leave many employers questioning how to approach the COVID-19 employment landscape, especially as vaccine distribution increases. In this webinar, Alexis James and Renee Noy, Managing Partners at WorkWise Law, PC, review new regulations and policies that physicians should be aware of to avoid costly employment-related lawsuits. Watch Now

Public Affairs, MICRA, and AB 35
AB 35: Truth and Impact

A likely surge in medical malpractice claims frequency and severity are expected to occur when Assembly Bill (AB 35) goes into effect on January 1, 2023. Watch this webcast to learn more about what the legislation means for your medical professional liability risk and what you can do to protect your practice. Watch Now

2020 Election Results and the Impact on Physicians

Join CAP and Holland & Knight's Public Policy and Regulation Group for a discussion on how the 2020 election results are expected to impact physicians. In this one-hour seminar, policy and legislative experts Robert H. Bradner and Miranda A. Franco examine what the results could mean for healthcare policy, as well as provide some insights into what to expect of the new administration. In addition, our panelists share their thoughts and best practices on how to engage with the administration and next Congress. Watch Now