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Risk Management Tools and Resources

CAP members can take advantage of free, personalized risk management support tailored to your practice’s needs. Offerings include: 


Virtual Practice Visit

CAP members can request a one-on-one virtual practice visit with a risk management expert to provide you with actionable recommendations that can help reduce your liability risk. As a free benefit of your CAP membership, our specialists can answer any of your questions and help evaluate existing office protocols, recommend operational enhancements, and offer guidance on tracking and recall, documentation, telemedicine, patient communication, and much more. Your 

 Request a Virtual Practice Visit. 


HIPAA Compliance

Failure to comply with HIPAA can be extremely costly and time-consuming. CAP supports our physicians with valuable resources such as checklists and documents that are available to download at any time.  


Free Online HIPAA/Cyber Training Courses

CAP members may enroll in free HIPAA/Cyber Training courses covering the basics of privacy and data security.

View Course Access and Enrollment Instructions.


Additional Sample HIPAA Resources: 

Adverse Event Management 

Our early intervention program, CAP Cares, is designed to assist members in managing adverse events arising from patient care, 24/7. We help members with the following: 

  • Gathering facts 
  • Thoughtfully analyzing the adverse event 
  • Preparing for the conversation with the patient and family 
  • Anticipating questions which will likely be raised 
  • Coordinating with appropriate hospital personnel and other involved providers 

When you call the 24/7 CAP Cares Hotline at 1-800-252-0555, you can speak directly with a risk management specialist to get expert guidance on unanticipated outcomes or adverse events.