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Practice Management Services

Explore the various service CAP members can take advantage of to enhance practice efficiency and support your success. 


CAP Privileges Online

To help alleviate specific administrative tasks for our members and their staff, we provide hospitals and other third parties direct access to credentialing documents through CAP Privileges Online. As an enrolled participant in this program, you will have continuous electronic access to CAP member physician certificates of coverage and claims history documents for which a signed consent form has been provided. 

To apply for enrollment, please complete the Account Access Information Form and fax it to 213-473-8773. 


Human Resources Support

Human resource and personnel issues can be one of the most daunting aspects of practice management. We offer our members a wide range of free HR support services to help you effectively manage staff-related issues and foster a more positive work environment. Our offerings include: 

  • A human resources hotline for employment-related questions, such as termination, wage and hours matters, leaves of absence, discrimination allegations, employee misconduct, performance problems, and more. Contact Leilani Ligans, CAP’s Vice President of Human Resources and Operations, at 213-473-8695 during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, for human resources support, or email
  • Employment-related legal consultation 
  • A customizable Human Resource Manual that considers federal and state labor issues and can be applied to any size practice. 
  • Educational Human Resources video library   


CAP Purchasing Alliance 

CAP Purchasing Alliance is a free member benefit that saves you money on everyday purchases of supplies and services for your practice. Enrollment in the program is quick and easy. Once you’re enrolled, you have access to the most comprehensive and competitively priced source of medical and non-medical supplies. This program allows independent physician practices to receive the same pricing as the nation’s largest health systems. You’ll save money on items such as exam gloves, needles and syringes, IV sets and solutions, wound care, sutures, shipping, office supplies, and more – in most cases, without changing how you order or receive invoices from your current suppliers. 

To enroll, visit For more information or for help enrolling, call 855-907-9227 or email


CAP Marketplace (Vendor Directory)

Practice management matters, such as business operations, accounting, and financial planning sometimes require an expert’s help to truly optimize a medical practice. We offer a vetted directory of consultants, services, and products that can improve your business and provide assistance related to transition issues for your practice. Access the CAP Marketplace

The directory includes the names and contact information of a variety of product and service providers, including: 

  • Practice management and business consultants 
  • Accountants and other financial service providers 
  • Criminal and business law attorneys 
  • Medical supplies 
  • Billing and coding providers 
  • Much more! 


My Practice

Free practice management guidance from a CAP dedicated expert. Helps medical groups address billing, telemedicine, front and back office operations issues, and much more. Contact Andie Tena, Assistant Vice President, Practice Management Services at 800-610-6642 or via email at