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Human Resources Support for CAP Member Practices


Human Resources


The Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) is pleased to share valuable free HR resources offering essential guidance, education, and recommended HR policies and procedures — all to help reduce employee-related liability risk and support a productive staff.  

CAP members have access to a human resources hotline for employment-related questions, such as termination, wage and hours matters, leaves of absence, discrimination allegations, employee misconduct, performance problems, and more. Contact Leilani Ligans, CAP’s Vice President of Human Resources and Operations, at 888-311-2322 during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, for human resources support, or email


Click to expand and view these guides, webinars, and other resources below.

At-a-Glance 2024 Employment Laws

This year, numerous employment laws and updates to existing laws went into effect, and independent practitioners must stay current on what these mean for their practices. From new minimum wages and expanded employee rights and protection to how employers notify employees, this document provides a summary of the most important employment law updates affecting medical practices of all sizes.

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Human Resources Manual for Medical Practices

The latest Human Resources Manual for Medical Practices is available in a Word formatted document, now easier to customize for your practice!

The Employee Handbook includes:

  • California laws on leaves of absence, breaks, and time off
  • Policies regarding wages, timekeeping, and employee classification
  • Expectations for attendance, punctuality, and work assignments
  • Policies for social media, communications, technology, and HIPAA
  • And so much more

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The Manager's Handbook includes:

  • Extensive lists of forms and templates for employee hiring, performance, and termination
  • Guidance for hiring, goal setting, and monitoring
  • Information on compensation
  • Recommendations for proper onboarding
  • And much more

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Guide: Addressing Critical Human Resources Challenges in the Medical Practice

In this publication, you will find guidance for the top HR issues impacting medical practices. Compiled from the most frequently asked questions by our physician members, this free guide will help you streamline your HR processes and manage the staff who contribute to your practice’s success and patient care. 

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Guide: Hiring Great Staff (And Knowing When and How to Let Go)

This educational guide that provides information for recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees, and terminating them when it is needed.

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Model Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

The California Division of Occupational Safety & Health has published and released a Model Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and information for employers and employees regarding the new workplace safety and violence prevention rules mandated by the recently enacted SB 553. The new law requires almost all California employers to implement a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) and complete training for all employees by the effective date of July 1, 2024. 

CAP recommends our members use the “Model Written WVPP for General Industry.”

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The Division’s Safety and Health Fact Sheet with information for employers can be found here.

The Division’s Safety and Health Fact Sheet with information for employees can be found here.


Training: Free Sexual Harassment Avoidance Training

California employers with five or more employees are required to have their staff complete sexual harassment avoidance training every two years. The Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) is offering free courses for medical practices to remain compliant with this regulation. An optional 40-minute diversity equity and inclusion (DE&I) training addressing discrimination in the workplace is also available. Both courses are available for supervisory and non-supervisory employees through Kantola Training Solutions. CAP recommends that your practice provide these courses as part of your comprehensive human resources management plan.


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Please share these instructions with your staff:

  1. Register for a new account (or log in to an existing account) and select course options for "Group":
    • Harassment Prevention (Employee) AND Diversity Equity and Inclusion
    • Harassment Prevention (Manager) AND Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  2. Once you have created the account, you will see a pop-up message. Click "Close" and you will be taken to the course. Click "Play" to get started.
  3. Once you complete the program, you will be able to save the certificate of completion as a PDF.
Webinar: Hiring and Retaining an All-Star Medical Office Staff

From recruiting and retaining top talent, to understanding when and how to terminate employees who may be jeopardizing your practice’s success, CAP’s webinar helps you manage the employment spectrum effectively and legally. This webinar shares free guidance from industry-leading employment attorneys who share proven and sound policies and procedures for maximizing your medical office staff’s performance. 

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Webinar: 2024 Employment Laws Medical Practices Need to Know

This webinar covers critical employment law updates all medical practices need to know in 2024. Presented by two experienced employment attorneys dedicated to helping independent physicians avoid HR-related lawsuits, the program provides free guidance on new and changing legal requirements, like those affecting minimum wage, sick leave, and much more. 

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Have additional questions? Contact Leilani Ligans, CAP’s Vice President of Human Resources and Operations, at 888-311-2322 during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, for human resources support