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Risk Reduction

Essential Tools and Resources to Mitigate Risk

CAP's Risk Management and Patient Safety Department is here to help our members implement a proactive risk management system that will prevent errors, keep patients safe, and limit the risk of a medical malpractice claim. Our risk management program is facilitated by experts whose backgrounds encompass a cross-section of the healthcare and legal professions.

In addition to support and consultation, we offer evaluation of your practice's risk management needs. To request a visit from a senior risk manager, please fill out the Risk Management Virtual Practice Survey Form at the bottom of this page.

CAP Risk Management Hotline

If a situation arises that calls for guidance on how best to handle an adverse event, reduce exposure, or manage the risks involved, CAP is here to help via the Risk Management Hotline 800-252-0555. Experienced risk managers are available to members 24/7 to provide guidance when an unexpected outcome occurs. 

When an unexpected outcome occurs, it is crucial that the apology to the patient and disclosure of information is well managed. CAP members are encouraged to take advantage of the CAP Cares program to help lower the risk of malpractice litigation.

Patient Safety Resources

CAP publishes free educational resources to help physicians stay informed about the latest research and trends on patient safety. CAP also offers free CME-accredited risk management education that physicians can complete online.

CAP's flagship risk management course was developed by CAP's risk management experts to help physicians prevent patient injury and reduce malpractice claims. It is comprised of seven modules focusing on critical risk management topics and offers 2.5 hours of CME credit.

CAP’s team of risk managers and patient safety specialists offer insights into the top issues and challenges experienced by our members based on a thorough analysis of data and information gathered from CAP closed claims, hotline calls, CAP Cares calls, and practice surveys.

Risk Management Practice Survey

CAP members can request a one-on-one virtual practice visit with a risk management expert to provide actionable recommendations that can help reduce your liability risk. As a free benefit of your CAP membership, our specialists can answer any of your questions and help evaluate your existing office protocols and offer guidance on tracking and recall, documentation, telemedicine, patient communication, and much more.

To request a free virtual practice visit, complete the form below.

Request a Virtual Practice Visit