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Practice Management Guides

Stay current. Enhance your practice.

CAP understands the administrative tasks associated with running a practice these days can feel overwhelming. To help lighten the load, we are continually publishing instructional guides - available in print and digital format - that address timely practice-related issues, such as securing proper payment and reimbursement, managing your online reputation, achieving HIPAA compliance, HR management, and more.

A variety of guides to help you meet the latest healthcare regulations, improve patient satisfaction, and increase the success of your practice.

Physician's Action Guide to Reducing Risk and Improving Business

Find the solutions to common problems associated with seemingly routine tasks in your medical practice.

This comprehensive, customizable manual is designed exclusively for medical practices and is updated with California employment laws as of February 2022.

Cover of CAP Physician's Action Guide to Smarter Billing

Develop sound billing practices and learn valuable tips that help you get paid in a timely and fair manner.

CAP's Patient Experience Guide

Learn the concrete steps you and your staff can take to ensure that your patients would confidently recommend you and your practice to their friends.

Medicine on Trial Second Edition

Featuring real-life risk management lessons culled from more than 80 CAP litigated medical malpractice cases to help you avoid similar risks in your practice.

CAP risk management self-assessment kit

Our self-assessment kit covers office systems, paper medical records, electronic health records, and more. Includes an easy-to-use checklist.

CAP One Step Ahead Guide

In this practice management guide, you will find resources to help you stay ahead of issues stemming from the pandemic, regulatory changes, and more.

CAP The Incident Guide

This guide, created by CAP's Legal, Claims, and Risk Management teams, helps physicians understand how to reduce the likelihood of legal action following an adverse event and know what to expect should a claim or lawsuit occur. 

CAP Physicians at Risk Guide

This guide helps you address a wide variety of risks from multiple areas of exposure that can impact your patients and your practice.

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