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Risk Reduction

Providing tools and resources to help minimize risk.

CAP's Risk Management and Patient Safety Department is here to help our members implement a proactive risk management system that will prevent errors, keep patients safe, and reduce the risk of a medical malpractice claim. Our risk management program is facilitated by experts whose backgrounds encompass a cross-section of the healthcare and legal professions. In addition to support and consultation, we offer evaluation of your practice's risk management needs. To request a visit from a senior risk manager, please fill out the Risk Management Virtual Practice Survey Form at the bottom of this page.

CAP Risk Management Hotline

If a situation arises that calls for guidance on how best to handle an adverse event, reduce exposure, or manage the risks involved, CAP is here to help via the Risk Management Hotline 800-252-0555. Experienced risk managers are available to members 24/7 to provide guidance when an unexpected outcome occurs. 

When an unexpected outcome occurs, it is crucial that the apology to the patient and disclosure of information is well managed. CAP members are encouraged to take advantage of the CAP Cares program to help lower the risk of malpractice litigation.

Patient Safety Resources

Experience tells us that patient safety is the ultimate risk management strategy! Patient safety aligns with ethical and professional principles and invariably reduces professional liability exposure. CAP publishes free educational resources to help physicians stay informed about the latest research and trends on patient safety. CAP also offers free CME-accredited risk management education that physicians can complete online.

Online CME
Online CME
Take Aim at Risk

Take Aim At Risk is a CME-accredited risk management and patient safety program developed by CAP to help physicians prevent patient injury and reduce malpractice claims. The program explores the main factors that lead to medical errors, such as communication breakdowns and medication mismanagement. We also look at systems and procedures that can help prevent errors and quickly identify when mistakes happen. The increased use of EHRs and digital communications has resulted in new ways for errors to occur. This program addresses the compliance requirements and risks associated with these new technologies.

Take Aim At Risk also provides guidance on critical malpractice topics including apologies, informed consents and documentation. CAP is focused on helping physicians identify system errors and making changes that improve patient outcomes and reduce malpractice risk. For more information, please visit the online CME program link.

CURES 2.0: What Physicians Need to Know Now

Our free webcast, “CURES 2.0 What Physicians Need to Know Now,” educates physicians on the California Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES). Effective October 2, 2018, this mandate requires healthcare practitioners to consult and review the CURES 2.0 database before prescribing, ordering, administering, or furnishing a Schedule II-IV controlled substance.

The webinar is now available for free on-demand learning and is eligible for 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits(s)™. For more information and to access the webcast, please visit this link.

The 411 on 420: The Basics of Medical Cannabis

With the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in California and an increasing rate of acceptance and use, many physicians are already working with patients who use cannabis.  Despite its popularity as one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States, physician may be unprepared to discuss the benefits, risks, and side effects of cannabis. 

This CME activity aims to provide learners with the basics of medical cannabis, the dilemma it poses for unprepared physicians as patients seek their advice on treatment, and the inconsistencies between state and federal laws. The webinar is now available for free on-demand learning and is eligible for 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits(s)™. For more information and to access the webcast, please visit this link.

Risk Management Practice Survey

A proactive risk management system is important to prevent and mitigate risk, but it’s only effective if all physicians and staff are trained on the concepts and understand how to implement patient safety strategies. CAP members have the opportunity to request a practice evaluation from one of our senior risk managers. This all-inclusive Risk Management Practice Survey includes a review of the practice's medical records system to ensure correct procedures are taking place. The risk manager will also review the effectiveness of the practice's office systems. To educate staff members, the practice visit may focus on the role staff plays in patient safety, patient satisfaction, and risk reduction. Areas of risk include defensive documentation, complaint management, appropriate delegation of duties, recall and tracking, and patient confidentiality. At end of the practice visit, all members will receive complementary risk management materials. To request a free Risk Management Practice Survey, simply complete the form below.

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