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Medical Board of California Death Certificate Project: How It Can Impact You

According to the Medical Board of California 2017-2018 Annual Report, the Board’s Enforcement Program received 10,188 complaints against physicians, surgeons, and unlicensed individuals. This reflects an increase of 1,269 complaints (nine percent) over the prior fiscal year. The Board also referred 504 cases to the Attorney General for further action, an increase of more than 18 percent over the prior year.

This increase in enforcement activity has been driven in part by the Board’s Death Certificate Project. The Death Certificate Project was born out of vetoed legislation that would have required coroners in California to report deaths resulting from prescription drug use.

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The project utilizes California death record data to identify physicians that may be inappropriately prescribing opioids to their patients. The Medical Board of California, in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health, has been using the project as an additional tool to investigate physicians who may have violated the law.

According to a November 6, 2018 article in MedPage Today, the Medical Board of California recently filed accusations against 11 physicians. These accusations are based on the Death Certificate Project and involve patients who were prescribed narcotics and had fatally overdosed years ago. For a full copy of the article, visit

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