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Want to Improve Your Cyber Fitness? Free Online Courses Will Show You How!

These days, it is not a matter of if but when a security breach will happen to you. Healthcare continues to be a target because of the personal and medical information available. Highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial organizations continue to pay substantially more than other industries when data are compromised.

As a CAP member, you automatically receive CyberRisk protection though NAS Insurance Services to help protect you against information data breaches, including HIPAA.

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We are happy to report that NAS now provides an online tool, called CyberNET, which offers CAP members and their staff free access to a number of training courses to help keep you HIPAA compliant and reduce the likelihood that you’ll fall victim to a cyber attack.

These courses include:

  • Introduction to Breaches
  • Data Security Basics
  • Social Engineering HIPAA Training Series (with printable certificate)
  • Safeguarding Information
  • Payment Card Industry — Identifying Fraudulent Payment Cards

This site also enables you to directly report a breach to NAS, as well take the CyberRisk Fitness test to find out just how vulnerable you may be. Remember a breach must be reported within 60 days of when you become aware of the potential breach.

To access CyberNET, click here. First-time users will need to register using their CAP member number as their sign-up code .

Also be sure to call CAP Agency at 800-819-0061 or email to learn about your current CyberRisk coverage and how you can increase your limits so you’re well protected in the event of a breach.