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CAPAdvantage Programs Can Make Running Your Practice a Little Less Scary

Ghosts can be scary.  Black cats too. And candy corn? . . . Well, that seasonal confection has been known to give many of us the shivers!

But running a successful medical practice shouldn’t have to be a frightful endeavor.

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Through our extensive range of practice management benefits, CAP is committed to helping our members tackle some of the scarier aspects of running a business. The following are some scary practice scenarios you might be facing, and solutions to address them.

Scary Situation #1: Noncompliant Patients

“Effective communication between doctor and patient is as important as any medication we prescribe to help patients achieve a desired health outcome. And in some cases, even more important.” — Randall Porter, MD Founder, Medical Memory.

Patients don’t follow treatment plans for myriad reasons, but lack of understanding should never be one of them.

Through Medical Memory’s video patient engagement solution, you can easily record patient consultations or create your own video library and save time with pre-recorded videos for informed consents, discharge instructions, conflicts of interest, and more.

Both product offerings enable patients and their family members to view their video recording from home, post-consult, to gain a clearer understanding of their medical condition and treatment plan. This first-of-its-kind healthcare video recording platform can also help increase patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, and be your first line of defense in a lawsuit to prove that you communicated the appropriate information.

Medical Memory offers CAP members a free 60-day trial, along with exclusive discounted monthly rates.

Scary Situation #2: A Noncompliant Practice

We know that regulatory requirements are probably the last thing you want to worry about. But the reality is regulatory issues, such as HIPAA or labor law violations, can cost you dearly in terms of money and time spent. CAP offers two special programs to help you take a proactive approach to practice compliance to reduce the likelihood of a regulatory breach.

Evolve e-Learning provides an interactive online training system that allows physicians to deliver compliance training to employees at a fraction of the cost of classroom training. Web-based, on-demand courses cover such topics as HIPAA privacy and security, Medicare fraud and abuse, human resources and EEOC laws, and more. CAP members can take advantage of a 10 percent discount on all courses offered.

And to help ensure that your technical infrastructure, including EHR, achieves and maintains HIPAA compliance, Acentec’s HIPAA Security Suite is your one-stop solution.  Acentec is offering CAP members a 25 percent discount on this simple automated system that can save you a lot of aggravation and money in the long run.

Scary Situation #3: Unfavorable Patient Reviews

No doctor wants to hear that a patient wasn’t satisfied with the care or service he or she received, regardless of whether that review was delivered in a private survey or in an online review site, such as Yelp. Unhappy patients can affect your reputation and your bottom line, and they may even file a malpractice claim for a real or perceived grievance.

To better manage your reputation, PatientPop’s online marketing platform automatically follows up with your patients, encouraging them to post online reviews and testimonials, so you’re able to see what they’re saying about you and to make improvements in a timely matter. PatientPop can also help your practice grow via their integrated online scheduling tool, as well as website development and optimization capabilities.

To enhance these CAPAdvantage programs, CAP just published The Physician’s Action Guide to an Outstanding Patient Experience, which provides concrete steps you and your staff can take to ensure that your patients would confidently recommend you to friends, and you are building a reputation you and your team can be proud of. For a free copy of this new guide, contact Membership Services at 800-610-6642 or


For more information about these or any of our CAPAdvantage programs, contact Sean O’Brien, CAP Vice President, Member Programs, at 888-645-7237 or