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Updated for 2018 – CAP’s Free Customizable Human Resources Manual

CAP’s Human Resources Department offers a free customizable human resources manual designed to assist you in providing appropriate office policies for the management of your employees throughout the employment cycle. This comprehensive, customizable manual is designed exclusively for medical practices and has been updated with California employment laws as of May 2018.

If you downloaded the previous version of this manual in 2017, you will need to update the policy sections below in order to remain compliant with current laws. The policies listed below need to either be updated or the Editor’s Notes for these policies need to be read to determine if the policy should be updated for your practice. When you see a reference to Editor’s Note Only, please read the Editor’s Note to be aware of the policy in general.

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Discrimination, Harassment, Violation of the Law: Non-Harassment Policy section: (First two paragraphs and Editor’s Notes) and Equal Employment Policy: add transgender “or transitioning” (first paragraph and Editor’s Notes)

  • Pregnancy Accommodation
  • Lactation Accommodation
  • Workplace Violence​ (Editor’s Note Only)
  • Parental Leave (all new)
  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking (Editor’s Note Only)
  • Pay Day/Paycheck Accuracy​ (Editor’s Note Only)
  • Sick Leave/Kin Care​ (First two paragraphs)
  • Dress Code and Personal Appearance​ (Editor’s Note Only)
  • Keeping Your Personnel File Up to Date​ (Editor’s Note Only)
  • Employment Application (new)​(Editor’s Note Only – Located in the Appendix)
  • Interview Report​ (Editor’s Note Only – Located in the Appendix)

If you downloaded a version of the manual prior to 2016, you will need to compare your entire manual for updates.​

Download the 2018 Human Resources Manual by logging into the Member’s Area of the CAP website. Upon logging in, click on the “HR Manual” tile.

For questions regarding our Human Resources Manual or any HR issue, contact Nancy Brusegaard Johnson, CAP’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Operations, at 213-473-8664 during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.