Board Elects Dr. Stewart Shanfield to MPT Trustee Position as Dr. Andrew Sew Hoy Retires

In voting to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of Andrew Sew Hoy, MD, the Mutual Protection Trust Board of Trustees has elected Stewart Shanfield, MD, to join the five-member Board.
Dr. Shanfield is an orthopedic surgeon in Fullerton who served on the Board of Directors of the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc., from 2007 to 2017.

“Serving on the MPT Board of Trustees is actually an opportunity to better serve fellow physician members,” said Dr. Shanfield. “As your trustee, I will work to maintain MPT as a powerful voice in medicine, protect its resources, and provide support to our excellent physicians.”

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CAP and MPT Chief Executive Officer Sarah Pacini commented on the skills that Dr. Shanfield brings to the Board of Trustees. “In addition to having built an exceptional orthopedic surgery practice, Dr. Shanfield brings a wealth of experience,” said Pacini. “He is a former board chair and chief of staff at St. Jude Medical Center, has served on CAP and MPT’s Audit and Finance Committees, and has been a Fullerton Community Bank board member since 2001. We’re lucky to have his experience, intelligence, and warm sense of humor on our team.”

Dr. Shanfield joins Charles Steinmann, MD; Philip Unger, MD; Mearl Naponic, MD; and Othella T. Owens, MD on the Board of Trustees.

Pacini also commented on the Board of Trustees service of Dr. Sew Hoy, who joined the MPT Board in 2009 after serving for many years on the CAP Board of Directors and as an MPT Risk Assessment Peer Review Committee chair.

“MPT benefited greatly from Dr. Sew Hoy’s intelligence, insights, and ability to distill the ideas of others to what matters most,” Pacini said of the Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon, who retired from the MPT Board on June 30. “Dr. Sew Hoy always acted in the very best interests of all our members.”