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Must-Have Personal Umbrella Insurance for CAP Members

From having excellent malpractice coverage to remaining compliant with regulations, CAP members are
well versed in protecting themselves from the potential liabilities associated with practicing medicine.
Even outside of the clinical setting, physicians are vulnerable to personal liability lawsuits, which can generate exposures that can easily exceed homeowners and automobile insurance limits and cause significant financial loss.

Physicians should consider purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy, an often overlooked yet very important and inexpensive piece of coverage that supplements the basic liability coverages provided by your home and auto insurance.

As a CAP member, you can purchase a personal umbrella policy that provides up to $10 million in excess liability coverage—at affordable rates with no underwriting required!

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Chances are, you and your family members like to engage in regular activities and hobbies where accidents can occur. If you frequently entertain guests, someone could suffer an injury on your property. Your dog could bite a passerby during your daily walk. You could be sued for slander or defamation for online reviews. Or, if you enjoy playing sports, you could end up accidentally hurting another player.

You may think that your current homeowners, automobile, and other property policies already offer enough protection. However, without a personal umbrella liability policy, any claim that is greater than your current coverage limits could wreak havoc on your financial assets, or negatively impact your future earnings if you do not have enough to pay the balance of any damages awarded against you.

While significant assets do require more coverage, a personal umbrella policy can protect both physicians with amassed wealth and those who are building their portfolio.

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To learn more and to speak to a licensed insurance professional, contact CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) at or at 800-819-0061.