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Healthcare Benefits for Practice Employees: Why It’s Important

The cost of healthcare is a constant challenge for all employers, but providing employees with quality health insurance benefits can have long-term positive impacts on your practice.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, the licensed insurance professionals with CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) recognize that CAP members need flexible options when selecting the right health insurance plans for their practices. That is why CAP Agency partners with CAP’s health insurance broker, Ashbrook-Clevidence, to offer valuable healthcare coverage options for CAP members and their employees. Ashbrook-Clevidence has been CAP’s health insurance broker for over 20 years and is a trusted resource.

Top Reasons to Offer Health Insurance Benefits in Your Practice

  • Good health insurance coverage helps attract and retain quality employees, saving you the cost of high turnover.
  • Businesses get the tax advantage of deducting plan contributions.
  • Employees will often accept better benefits in lieu of a higher salary.
  • Quality healthcare helps everyone stay healthy and productive.

Now more than ever, it is critical to review your plan designs and premium programs to ensure you have the best plan to balance your coverage needs and budget.

The dedicated team at Ashbrook-Clevidence offers enhanced employee insurance programs and solutions to CAP member practices that can help reduce costs and ensure minimal disruption.

Ashbrook-Clevidence works with a variety of insurance companies, including:

•     Aetna

•     Oscar

•     Cigna 

•     Kaiser Permanente

•     Anthem Blue Cross

•     Sutter Health

•     Health Net

•     California Choice

•     SHARP

•     United Healthcare

•     Blue Shield of California

•     And many more!

Get started by working with a dedicated insurance professional to get a side-by-side comparison of your benefits and costs in the market and evaluate other benefits you may provide your employees, such as dental and vision insurance. You may be surprised by the preferred low rates you can get from CAP Agency’s programs, which are specially designed for smaller practices.

Contact CAP Agency at 800-819-0061 or at, or contact Ashbrook-Clevidence directly at:

Chris Clevidence, Ashbrook-Clevidence, Inc.

Cristina Burnell, Ashbrook-Clevidence, Inc.

Paola Clevidence, Ashbrook-Clevidence, Inc.

CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) is a full-service insurance agency created to support CAP members with their insurance needs. The licensed, trained professional insurance agents with CAP Agency have expertise in all lines of business and personal insurance coverage, and know healthcare. They can provide you with a comprehensive review of your risk exposures, assess your current coverage, and provide you with comparative, competitive quotes at no cost.