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How Much Insurance Do You Really Need? Free Guide Provides Help to CAP Members

As a physician, you handle patient diagnoses with due diligence, take the right steps to consult with peers, order the right tests, analyze results, and offer the best guidance for safe and effective treatments.

Yet, many physicians do not practice the same diligence when safeguarding themselves or their livelihoods. Sometimes, it is easier to ignore the “what ifs,” maintain the bare minimum, and keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. Would you use the same approach treating your patients? If you knew your patients had higher risk factors for certain diseases, you would encourage them to make different choices.   

On-Demand Webinar: Key Strategies for Ensuring a Profitable Independent Practice
During this one-hour program, practice management expert Debra Phairas discusses how various business models and operational enhancements can increase revenue to help your practice remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

The experts at CAP’s Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) know that physicians and their businesses are at higher risk for a variety of threats like workplace accidents, HIPAA violations, data breaches, personal lawsuits, and many others. They also understand that physician practices have very different insurance needs than regular businesses.

So why not make different choices and be vigilant about protecting your income, assets, and well-being?

Understanding that navigating through what might seem like an endless sea of insurance options can be a daunting and time-consuming chore, CAP created the Physician's Guide to Choosing the Right Insurance, which outlines physician-specific insurance programs, what is covered in each, and how to know what is right for your practice.

When seeing patients, the physician’s practice is no place for taking chances. The same goes for running a unique business like yours. Customization is key when securing the right insurance and the first step is understanding the options available.

Get the free guide today and discover a convenient and easy way to approach your insurance portfolio. To get your copy, please call 800-819-0061 or email