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Help Your Practice Find Success in Value-Based Care With Aledade’s Physician-Led ACOs

Thrive in Private Practice

With value-based care, you can reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, and diversify your revenue streams beyond fee-for-service. Nationwide, Aledade partners with independent practices, health centers, and clinics to build and lead accountable care organizations (ACO) anchored in primary care. Discover how Aledade empowers clinicians like yourself to stay independent, practice medicine in the way you have always wanted to, and thrive financially while keeping your patients and community healthy.

On-Demand Webinar: Key Strategies for Ensuring a Profitable Independent Practice
During this one-hour program, practice management expert Debra Phairas discusses how various business models and operational enhancements can increase revenue to help your practice remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

Aledade is a participant in the CAPAdvantage program, CAP’s member-exclusive suite of no-cost or discounted practice management products and services that support your success.

At no cost to join, take your practice beyond fee-for-service with Aledade.

With Aledade, physicians get:

■  On-the-ground workflow support

■  Education and training for your staff

■  Expert policy guidance                             

■  And more!

“Since partnering with Aledade in January 2021, my revenue has increased by 35%, a welcome success after 25 years of solo practice. Aledade shows you how to capture reimbursement without “packing” your daily appointment schedule. All primary care physicians should be properly reimbursed, and Aledade can help you achieve this success.”

– Lisa Thomsen, MD, FAAFP

Learn More and Start Your Value-Based Care Journey by Visiting:

Organizations working with Aledade are projected to have earned more than $167 million in shared savings payments in 2021.*

*Past performance may not be indicative of future results.…

The Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. and subsidiaries contract to receive compensation from certain product vendors as commissions or marketing fees. CAP uses these funds to control costs and provide additional services to its members.