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Preventing Water Damage in Your Property with Smart Sensor Technology Could Save You Thousands

Did you know that water damage is the most common cause of property damage to businesses? As a business owner and physician, there are a variety of risks in your practice you must worry about every day. Water damage shouldn’t be one of them. If you own or lease property or office space for your practice, it’s best to have a plan in place and be prepared.

Unexpected water leaks or broken pipes can quickly disrupt your office, costing you valuable time and money. Water damage not only impacts your medical equipment and office property, but it can also impact your business income if you are forced to close while your office is repaired.

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That’s why CAP Physicians Insurance Agency (CAP Agency) is pleased to partner with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) and The Hanover Insurance Group to provide you with a Smart Sensor program for your business — all at no cost to our members who purchase or have a business owner's policy through CAP Agency.

How does the program work?

The Smart Sensor program features sensor equipment that sends you real-time alerts to help prevent costly water damage and repairs. With the program, your practice will receive easy-to-install sensor devices that will automatically monitor your property 24/7 and alert you via a text message or phone call if there are any system issues such as water leaks, temperature changes, mold detection, and more. With this valuable risk management offering, you’ll receive:

Real-time monitoring of your building and equipment — If an issue occurs after hours or on the weekend, you’ll receive an alert immediately to your phone or email.

• 24/7 professional support — you will have access to the monitoring and support center any time of day.

• Easy installation — the sensors only take a few minutes to install, and there is a team of professionals to help walk you through the process.

What can you save by signing up?

Customers who have signed up have already saved their business from a loss. Take a look at these examples:

The filter of a water line came off in a building causing water to spill all over the floor. An actionable water leak alert was sent, and within minutes, staff was able to respond to bypass the flow of water. As a result, the office did not have to cancel patient appointments or deal with the inconvenience of renovating the office after a water leak event.

Dollars saved: $100,000

A pipe valve failed causing water to spray into a patient room and storage closet of a closed office. A high- humidity alert from the sensor prompted staff to visit the office and shut off the water in time to contain the leak. The alert prevented costly business interruption, loss to medical supplies, and damage to valuable medical equipment.

Dollars saved: $40,000

The sensor program gives me peace of mind knowing the building is monitored 24/7 when we are not onsite. Had it not been for the alert, we could have suffered major structural losses and an interruption in care for our patients.” – Medical Office Supervisor

Get Started

If you already have a business owner's policy with The Hanover Insurance Group through CAP Agency, signing up to get your free Smart Sensor is easy. Simply visit our dedicated Smart Sensor website to get started. It takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Sign up here:

If you’d like to learn more about insurance solutions available to you through CAP Agency and The Hanover Insurance Group, contact us today by calling 800-819-0061 or emailing