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Lower Your Risk of Medical Malpractice Litigation! Adverse Event Management Support Available Exclusively for CAP Members

Through CAP Cares, CAP members can receive confidential and objective support after an adverse patient event occurs, with guidance at every stage of the process — all as a free benefit of your CAP membership.

CAP's experienced risk management team can help you:

On-Demand Webinar: Key Strategies for Ensuring a Profitable Independent Practice
During this one-hour program, practice management expert Debra Phairas discusses how various business models and operational enhancements can increase revenue to help your practice remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

Conduct initial fact gathering and analysis

Prepare for likely questions and discussions among necessary parties

Coordinate patient disclosures and maintain the treating relationship

Properly document the activities surrounding the outcome

Assistance Available 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week for Support When You Need It Most

When an unexpected outcome occurs, taking key steps and managing a thoughtful resolution process could help you avoid a lengthy and costly legal conflict and help protect your reputation.

For assistance, contact the CAP Cares Hotline at 1-800-252-0555

CAP members are encouraged to take advantage of this free benefit to help lower the risk of medical malpractice litigation when and if an adverse patient event occurs.