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Physician Association of California Newsletter

In November of 2023, the Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) announced its alignment with the Physician Association of California (PAC), a new organization representing small group practice and independent physicians. 

PAC’s mission is to add the collective and unique voice of California’s independent physicians to relevant policy discussions.   

We previously shared that as a benefit of CAP’s relationship with this new association, all CAP members receive an automatic complimentary membership in PAC. 

To keep you updated on PAC’s latest activities, we invite you to read their newsletter at:

PAC Newsletter


From the CEO, Matt Robinson

It’s been an exciting and impactful couple of months for PAC. Last month we officially launched in Sacramento, marking a significant milestone in our mission to advocate for independent physicians and small group practices across California. The launch garnered notable media coverage, with features in the Sacramento Business Journal and Politico, highlighting our dedication to shaping healthcare policy and supporting our members.

We are working every day to ensure your perspectives are heard at every level of decision-making in Sacramento. With a growing membership of dedicated physicians, we are poised to make a meaningful impact on healthcare policy and legislation that directly affects our practices and patients.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all members who have supported us on this journey. Your involvement and engagement are crucial as we continue to advocate 
for policies that prioritize patient care, physician autonomy, and the sustainability 
of independent practices.

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