Keeping You Current on MACRA and HR Compliance

MACRA is here. While the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) adjusted flexibility for the first year of participation in MACRA, recent surveys indicate that most smaller practices are unprepared for the changes that will occur next year. CAP is committed to providing comprehensive resources to the independent physician to help you navigate these regulatory updates, including information on MIPS – the Merit-based Incentive Payment System. (CMS estimates that roughly 90 percent of providers subject to MACRA will participate in MIPS.) Our comprehensive MACRA Resource Page features the latest updates and resources, including our brand new MACRA white paper. You can access these valuable resources and sign up for updates at

When was the last time you updated your practice’s HR Manual? If the answer is, “Not recently enough,” then you’ll want to download CAP’s 2017 HR Manual. Specifically written for medical practices and fully customizable, this comprehensive manual includes policies relevant and necessary for a practice of your size. An updated HR Manual helps with compliance with federal and state laws, and is an invaluable tool for practices with little or no dedicated HR support. This HR manual is just one of the many free HR-related benefits available to you as CAP member. You can download the manual and view a list of your HR support benefits at

Risk Management Lessons from Litigated Cases
Get Medicine on Trial, a free publication of more than 80 litigated cases summarized by CAP's General Counsel Gordon Ownby.