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Your Fellow Physicians Need You

The CAP Fellows Program could be one of the most interesting and rewarding years of your career. Over the course of the year, you will attend a variety of committee meetings, mostly in downtown Los Angeles, and some possibly in Orange County or Palo Alto.

You will be immersed in how CAP works and have the opportunity to contribute your ideas on ways to improve the organization for the benefit of all member physicians.

On-Demand Webinar: Key Strategies for Ensuring a Profitable Independent Practice
During this one-hour program, practice management expert Debra Phairas discusses how various business models and operational enhancements can increase revenue to help your practice remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

Committee meetings you may attend include:

  • CAP Board of Directors and MPT Board of Trustees
  • Business Development Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Physician Closed-Claims Review Committee
  • Risk Assessment Peer Review Committee
  • Education and Patient Safety Committee
  • Claims Review Committee

Here’s the best part: in the process, you’ll meet smart, dedicated physicians just like you who care about making CAP, and the protection it provides to healthcare professionals, the very best it can be.

To learn more about this opportunity and the specific requirements, please send a current CV to CAP’s Chief Operating Officer Cindy Belcher at by January 31, 2018. The Boards will be choosing 2018’s Fellows shortly.

“I’d recommend that every physician who has the time and interest consider joining the CAP Fellows Program. I’m really glad I did.” - Stacie Macdonald, OB/GYN

“The CAP Fellows Program offers an unparalleled opportunity to serve your fellow physicians as you help build the organization for the future.” - Sarah Pacini, JD, CEO, Cooperative of American Physicians

“Being a CAP Fellow is a great experience. I learned a lot, met great physicians, and thoroughly enjoyed it.” - Dr. Alan Frischer, Internal Medicine