Risk Management Support at Your Fingertips

Risk management has always been a central component of CAP’s strategy to help its member physicians. Through its Risk Management Program, CAP provides a unique blend of services designed to help member physicians control the risks inherent in today’s practice of medicine and, thus, mitigate potential claims. 

An emphasis on risk management and patient safety promotes an environment of caring, competence, and compassion. Prioritizing patient safety as the primary core value of your practice means that everyone wins.

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CAP’s Risk Management and Patient Safety team is available to offer support and consultation through risk practice surveys and assessments, adverse events support, targeted compliance education, and more. Our Risk Management Program is facilitated by experts whose backgrounds encompass a cross-section of the healthcare and legal professions.

With years of experience in evaluating office systems, documentation, patient experience and more, CAP’s Risk Management and Patient Safety experts are highly proficient in identifying areas of risk exposure and offering risk reduction strategies in a variety of healthcare settings. As the industry changes, our dedicated team maintains a proactive approach to staying on top of emerging risks.

These are some of the risk management services available to our member practices whenever they are needed:

Practice Survey

An assessment of office practice systems and medical records with recommendations for improvement.

CAP Cares (Apology and Disclosure Program)

An early intervention program that provides support to members in the immediate aftermath of an adverse outcome.

Risk Management/Adverse Event Hotline

Available 24/7 for risk management questions and concerns.

Patient Assistance Services

A program designed to assist patients with incidental costs incurred due to an unanticipated outcome.

Practice Survey of Hospital Specialty Services (Radiology, Pathology, Hospitalist, Anesthesiology, Neonatology)

An onsite review (or phone assessment) review of identified risk issues of specialty and hospital-specific risk issues.

Office Staff In-Service

Physician/staff education in a scheduled, formal presentation of specific risk management issues with distribution of related risk management materials.


CAP’s Risk Management and Patient Safety Department is here for you. If you need advice or have questions regarding medical professional liability risk, call the CAP Hotline at 800-252-0555 or send an email to riskinternet@capphysicans.com to address the needs of your practice.