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Preventing Water Damage in Your Practice Could Save You Thousands

CAP Members Can Access Free Water Sensor Monitoring Through Their Business Owner’s Policy

Water damage can cause significant destruction to your medical equipment and office property, impacting your business income should you be forced to close your practice for repairs.

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If you purchase or have a business owner’s policy through CAP Agency, you can access the popular Smart Sensor Program provided by Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) and The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. at no cost.

Easy Installation and Monitoring

The Smart Sensor program features cutting-edge technology that sends you real-time alerts and provides easy-to-install sensor devices that automatically monitor your property 24/7 for any system issues such as:

• Water leaks                   

• Temperature changes 

• Mold      

• And more!

Get Started Now!

If you already have a business owner’s policy with The Hanover through CAP Agency, sign up at:

Once you sign up, your equipment will be sent directly to you. You will have the option to install it yourself or to set up a professional installation. Customers who have signed up have already saved their business from significant losses.

Dollars saved: $100,000*

The filter of a water line came off in a building causing water to spill all over the floor. An actionable water leak alert was sent, and within minutes staff were able to respond to bypass the flow of water. As a result, the office did not have to cancel patient appointments or deal with the inconvenience of renovating the office after a water leak event.

Dollars saved: $40,000*

A pipe valve failed causing water to spray into a patient room and storage closet of a closed office. A high humidity alert from the sensor prompted staff to visit the office and shut off the water in time to contain the leak. The alert prevented costly business interruption, loss to medical supplies, and damage to valuable medical equipment.

*Dollars saved are verified amounts for actual scenarios and are based on The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company proprietary data.

If you’d like to learn more about obtaining a comprehensive business owner’s policy tailored for your practice, or if you have questions about your existing policy, call 800-819-0061 or email