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Important Update to CyberRisk Insurance Benefits for CAP Members

Providing the best medical malpractice coverage and practice support benefits to protect your professional and personal well-being are a hallmark of CAP membership. As today’s risks grow more threatening and prevalent, it is important for you to remember the value-added insurance coverages CAP provides as part of your membership, including your CyberRisk insurance, which covers $50,000 and 5,000 patient notifications per covered claim should you experience a data breach in your practice. 

For the last nine years, CAP has been pleased to have the ability to offer CyberRisk insurance to all active CAP members at no cost and with a $0 deductible.

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As cyber criminals continue to target healthcare facilities and medical groups, including vulnerable solo and small practices, with egregious ransomware and phishing attacks, the medical industry is experiencing a dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of claims for the types of data breaches your CyberRisk insurance covers. 

As a result, starting January 1, 2022, CAP members should be advised that their CyberRisk insurance will continue at no cost. However, because of the widespread increase in claims, your CyberRisk insurance will now include a $2,500 deductible per covered claim. In addition, your CyberRisk insurance benefit will now be subject to a shared annual aggregate limit of $10,000,000, which means that all amounts paid under CyberRisk on your behalf and on behalf of all other CAP members will reduce and may completely exhaust such shared annual aggregate limit. If the shared annual aggregate limit is exhausted, your individual CyberRisk Limits will also be deemed exhausted, and there will be no further CyberRisk insurance benefit available to you or others for the remainder of the year.

To avoid potential claims, CAP encourages all member practices to implement strict cybersecurity measures and reminds you that as part of your CyberRisk insurance benefit, you and your staff can access free HIPAA training, courses on how to prevent data breaches, and much more at (First-time users will need to sign up for a free account with your CAP member number as your “Sign Up Code.” Once you have registered, you will be able to create username(s) and password(s) for your employee(s).)

Given the increased exposure to data breaches, now is a good time to explore purchasing additional CyberRisk insurance, available at excellent rates through CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency). To learn more, call one of CAP Agency’s licensed insurance professionals at 800-819-0061 or email

In addition to CyberRisk insurance, CAP members also receive Life and Disability insurance coverages, and the MedGuard and Employment Practices Plan benefits, at no charge. Contact CAP Agency to learn more about your coverage limits and opportunities to purchase additional protection.