Go Paperless and Enroll in Autopay Online to Manage Your CAP Bill Conveniently and Securely

There has never been a better time to manage your CAP bill online and make automatic payments directly from your checking account.

Starting January 2023, CAP members who receive their printed monthly statements via postal mail will automatically be enrolled in paperless billing to help reduce costs and paper waste on behalf of the entire membership. (There will be the option to continue receiving paper bills for a $2 monthly fee.)

You don’t have to wait until January to go paperless. With paperless billing, you can receive access to your statements via email, set up automatic payments using your checking account, and manage your account easily through a secure portal.

Cut Down on Paper and Hassle

If you are still paying your CAP bill by paper check, consider making your payments by recurring ACH transactions, which debits funds from your checking account just like a paper check but with a lot less hassle. Even if you pay your CAP bill automatically with a credit card, switching to ACH payments may be a better option.

Three reasons to go paperless and set up auto pay payments from your checking account:

1. Faster processing time: With ACH, there is no need to write and mail your check and wait for it to clear. There is also no need to constantly update credit card numbers.

2. Secure and reliable: No more worrying about having your check stolen or lost in the mail. Electronic payments are secure and reliable.

3. Save time and money: Not only will you save on the cost of stamps, checks, and envelopes, you can save yourself the time and effort waiting for your bill and payment due date. 

Enroll in paperless billing and set up automatic payments today!

Here’s How:

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1. Click here to log into your CAP account. If you do not have an account, you will need to register to create one.

2. Once logged in, select the green “Set Up Paperless Billing” button.

3. Select the “Via Email Only” button.

4. Verify your email address and click the “Save Changes” button.

5. Then, simply click on the “Pay CAP Bill” button (Agree to the terms and conditions when prompted) and follow the instructions to set up autopay payments by clicking on the ”Set Up Autopay Payments” and provide the required information for recurring payments made by ACH.

For assistance with your account or if you have questions about your membership, please call 800-610-6642 or email MS@CAPphysicians.com.