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Every Vote Mattered – 2019 CAP Ballot and MPT Proxy Results

Thanks to our members’ demonstrated dedication to their organization, the governing boards of the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. and the Mutual Protection Trust have been elected. On behalf of the Cooperative of American Physicians, we want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our members during the election cycle.

We know how busy our members are in their daily medical practices. That is why CAP is so fortunate that our physicians greatly value their role in how the CAP enterprise meets the challenge of providing the best services possible. Our members’ responsiveness in the election process was simply outstanding.

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The following CAP Board of Directors were elected to two-year terms: Sheilah Clayton, MD; Roger S. Eng, Jr., MD; Dennis T. Jordanides, MD; Wayne Kleinman, MD; Gregory Lizer, MD; Graham Purcell, MD; and Paul Weber, MD.

The following MPT Board of Trustees were elected to two-year terms: Othella T. Owens, MD; Stewart L. Shanfield, MD; Charles Steinmann, MD; Lisa Thomsen, MD; and Phillip Unger, MD. (Earlier in July, the MPT Board of Trustees elected Dr. Thomsen to fill the vacancy on the board caused by the June 30 retirement of Dr. Mearl Naponic.)

Together, CAP will continue its efforts to make our members’ practices the best they can be.  

MPT Agreement Amendments Approved

By the vote of the membership on July 25, 2019, the Mutual Protection Agreement has been amended.

Part 1, Section 4.A of the MPT Agreement has been amended to explain that MPT will exclude coverage for a claim when any Covered Person or Worker (as defined in the MPT Agreement) improperly alters a medical record.

Part 1, Sections 4.B and 5.C of the MPT Agreement have been amended to reinforce MPT’s claims-payment exclusion should a Member or Covered Entity be sued as a party allegedly responsible for the sexual, illegal, or other unlawful acts of another.

Part 2, Section 1 of the MPT Agreement has been amended to modify the process for the nomination of candidates to the MPT Board of Trustees.

The full version of the MPT Agreement is available to members by logging in at and clicking on “Member Documents.” A physical copy of the MPT Agreement is available to members by contacting CAP at