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OCMA Physician Wellness: "Remembering the True Medicine Behind the White Coat"

About the Program

After studying human performance and the longest lived populations on the planet, Dr Vuu has discovered the one trait that activates the biology of health, longevity, and human performance. The Thrive State is an energetic field - a state of being - that each of us can learn to harness to unleash more energy, vitality, resilience, and creativity into our lives and practices. That even during times of uncertainty and hardship, we can access the Thrive State to unlock the resources within ourselves to thrive and solve our biggest challenges in health, in medicine, and in life.

About the Speaker

Coming to America as the only surviving infant on a refugee boat fleeing post-war Vietnam, Doctor Vuu is no stranger to adversity. Once a minimally invasive surgeon who has overcome two chronic diseases, he is now a passionate health and human optimization champion and best-selling author of Thrive State: Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance. As one of the most sought-after performance and longevity physicians in the country, Dr. Vuu regularly works with celebrities, athletes, executives, and corporations to optimize their health, performance, and vitality. His mission is to empower people and organizations to reclaim their health and serve with fulfillment, abundance, and purpose. He enthusiastically shares his message on national TV shows such as The Doctors and Access Hollywood, keynote and corporate stages such as Whole Foods, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and others, as well as with the next generation of physicians as assistant clinical professor at UCLA.  


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