Personal Insurance Coverages Now Available Exclusively for CAP Members at Excellent Rates!

Enroll Between 10/1/2022 – 11/15/2022 for an Effective Coverage Date of 1/1/2023 

Now through November 15, 2022, CAP members have the exclusive opportunity to access a wide range of personal insurance products and flexible plan options at competitive large group rates.

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This limited-time open enrollment period is only scheduled once a year, so now is your chance to take advantage of the excellent benefits offered through CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) and MetLife for you and your family.

If you are already enrolled in these plans, you can use this enrollment period to make changes or increase your coverage. If you do not have any changes, no action is needed!


Important Insurance Coverages Tailored for CAP Physicians and Their Families

Short Term Disability¹

$1,000 weekly benefit plan in addition to state disability benefits.

Long Term Disability¹‚²

Up to a $10,000 maximum monthly benefit available, or 60% of your income.

Life Insurance (Medical Underwriting Required for New Policyholders³)

Up to $500,000 for new policyholders/additional $50,000 for current policyholders.4

Accident Insurance

Benefits up to $50,000 for unforeseen accidents or injuries.

Critical Illness Insurance5

Lump sum payment up to $30,000 when you or your covered dependents are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Up to $2,000 for hospital admission and $400/day for 15 days. No pre-existing condition exclusions.

Dental and Vision
(Purchased Separately)

Significant savings on routine care and major services.


New Offerings

Legal Plans

Access experienced attorneys to help with estate planning, home sales, tax audits, and more.

Identity and Fraud Protection

Fraud protection, digital security, and identity theft protection, all under the same plan.

Pet Insurance

Helps cover the costs of vet visits, accident, illness, and more.


Learn More and Enroll Now*
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For questions, please contact CAP Agency at 800-819-0061 (Press 5 to reach Benefits) or

Upon payment, all coverage will become effective January 1, 2023.


*Your social security number will be requested before electing benefits. For confidentiality reasons the number in the system will be displayed as the last four digits of your CAP member number. To be eligible, you must be working in healthcare at least 17.5 hours/week and cannot be currently disabled or at the time coverage becomes effective. Other limited time pre-existing condition exclusions may apply.

¹Limited time pre-existing conditions exclusions apply.

²Income from the tax year immediately prior will be used to determine benefit at time of claim.

³Members covered by CAP longer than 90 days and not previously enrolled in supplemental life coverage.

4No medical underwriting required if currently enrolled in supplemental life insurance benefits under the $500,000 maximum.

5Some benefits details available in the Resources section of the enrollment portal or call to request. Pre-existing exclusion applies (except for heart attack or stroke).