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No-Cost Assistance Program for CAP Members: Professional Support and Guidance for Everyday Life

As 2024 begins, you and your family may be considering new goals, engaging in new life events, or simply navigating existing personal or professional situations. Now may be the time to get assistance to help support your well-being. CAP members and their families have access to MetLife’s Employee Assistance Program providing confidential and professional help for a variety of issues.

This program offers access to experienced counselors provided through LifeWorks—one of the nation’s premier providers of Employee Assistance Program services—who can help you with:

  • Family: Divorce, caring for an elderly family member, returning to work after having a baby
  • Work: Relocation, building relationships with coworkers and staff
  • Legal: Issues relating to civil, personal, and family law, financial matters, real estate, and estate planning
  • Money: Budgeting, financial guidance, retirement, buying or selling a home, taxes
  • Identity Theft Recovery: ID theft prevention tips and help if you are victimized
  • Health: Anxiety/depression, proper amount of sleep, unhealthy habits
  • And much, much more!

Take Advantage of This Free Program

Call 1-888-319-7819 to speak with a counselor or schedule a phone or video conference appointment.

When you call, select “Employee Assistance Program” when prompted and immediately get connected to a counselor. Provide your name and identify yourself as a member of the Cooperative of American Physicians. Family members will need to identify themselves as a dependent of a member of the Cooperative of American Physicians.


Log on to, and provide the username metlifeeap and password eap, to access free resources online.

This program is provided through MetLife and is made available to members through CAP's affiliation with Symphony Health, a division of Symphony Risk Solutions. 

Contact Symphony Health at 800-819-0061 or via email at to learn more or request a free consultation.

Your benefit includes up to five phone or video consultations with licensed counselors for you and your eligible household members, per issue, per calendar year. Any personal information provided is completely confidential.

MetLife and LifeWorks abide by federal and state regulations regarding duty to warn of harm to self or others. In these instances, the consultant may have a duty to intervene and report a situation to the appropriate authority. This service is provided by MetLife and LifeWorks and other limitations may apply.