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New and Updated HR Manual for Medical Practices Now Available!

Now, Easier to Customize for Practices of Any Size and Setting!

For many practices, HR-related issues such as high turnover and frequently changing rules and regulations can impact both the patient experience and operational efficiency.

That’s why CAP is committed to helping members address their critical HR challenges with a newly published and streamlined Human Resources Manual for Medical Practices. Offered at no charge, this popular resource provides invaluable tools to help you manage the full spectrum of employment-related policies and procedures.

A Human Resources Manual Is a Must Have for All Medical Practices

Regardless of your practice’s size or specialty, the new HR Manual can help:

Reduce the chances of employment-related lawsuits by detailing current labor laws, including leaves of absence, rest breaks and meal periods, discriminatory practices, and more.

Improve morale and engagement by establishing clear-cut job expectations, so your employees have a solid understanding of what’s expected of them.

Increase administrative productivity by providing practical HR forms and templates for managers and supervisors.

The Human Resources Manual for Medical Practices is offered as separate employee and manager’s handbooks.

Download the Manager's Handbook at:

Download the Employee Handbook at: