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Essential Resources for Medical Groups, Hospitals, and Healthcare Facilities

CAPAssurance, a Risk Purchasing Group, knows the business of healthcare and invites you to take advantage of the following webinars, publications, and articles to help support your success.


Free On-Demand Webinars

Get easy access to important programs addressing critical topics to help reduce liability risk and manage a safe and productive operation.

On-Demand Webinar: Key Strategies for Ensuring a Profitable Independent Practice
During this one-hour program, practice management expert Debra Phairas discusses how various business models and operational enhancements can increase revenue to help your practice remain successful in today’s competitive marketplace.

Featured Programs

Tackling the Crisis of Physician Burnout

Key Strategies for Addressing Violence in the Medical Practice

AB 35: Truth and Impact

Medication Errors and Your Liability: Tips for Reducing Risk

Avoiding Critical Flaws in the Consent Process

Creating the Extraordinary Patient Experience

When Things Go Wrong: Transparency and Management of Adverse Events

Patient Safety Beyond the Exam Room: Managing a Medical and Office Staff

Working with NPs and PAs: Reducing Liability Risks

The Ins and Outs of Managing Patient Complaints



Case of the Month

Benefit from the important lessons learned from the popular “Case of the Month,” article series and build on best practices to minimize risk.

Featured Cases

• ALWAYS Document Your Informed Refusal Conversations

• Jury Awarded $19.7 Million in a Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Suit Despite Patient Negligence

• The Indefensibility of Poor Documentation

• What’s at Risk When Communicating With a Deaf Patient

• Patient’s Aggressive Choice Could Remove a Diagnostic Safety Net

• Court Explains ‘Implied Malice’ in Upholding Physician’s Murder Convictions

• Plaintiff Gets Leeway in Timing of Suit Against Subsequent Treater

• Medical Record Documentation: Time is of the Essence

• Think Twice Before Asking for That Photograph

• Put the Patient in the Information Loop

• Court Backs PA’s License Revocation Over MD Supervision Setup

Office Protocols Can Fail – So Training Must be Constant

Specialist Referrals Are Not Always Enough

Secure a Rich Record to Draw From – Just in Case


Focused Reviews

Learn best practice guidelines and actionable strategies to reduce risk through detailed studies that overview common risk trends in a specific specialty group.

Featured Risk Management and Patient Safety Focused Reviews

A Look into Hospitalist Practice

A Look into Pediatrics

A Look into Urgent Care Medicine

A Look into Working With Advanced Practice Professionals


Educational Guides

Download free guides that offer guidance on how to avoid lawsuits and navigate negative patient outcomes should they occur.

Featured Guides

Avoiding Lawsuits: The Role Your Staff Can Play

The Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Handling Adverse Outcomes



Read these short pieces that provide easy, actionable information to avoid common risk situations that impact physicians and healthcare organizations of all sizes and settings.

Featured Articles

Psychotherapy Notes and Progress Notes: What’s the Difference?

One Year Later: The Post-Dobbs Healthcare Landscape

To Charge, or Not to Charge, That is the Question...

Communicating With the Deaf and Hearing Impaired in the Healthcare Setting

To Have and to Hold: Clearing up Misconceptions About 5150 Holds in Healthcare

Recording Office Visits: Is it Right for Your Practice?

When it Comes to Documentation, Choose Civility

Identifying, Understanding, and Unlearning Implicit Bias

Till Death Do Us Part: Dos and Don’ts of Signing the Certificate

From the Dark Side: The Alarming Rise of Violence in Healthcare

Avoiding Medication Errors in the Practice Setting: What Is a Medication Error?

The Importance of an Advance Directive Cannot be Overlooked

From First Impressions to Trusting Connections: How to Establish and Maintain a Positive Physician-Patient Relationship

Promoting Accountability Through The Patient Partnership Plan

Ketamine - What's All the Hype About?

“You Didn’t Tell Me That.” Informed Refusal as a Defense

Curbside Consultations: What the Practitioner Must Know

Telemedicine Webside Manner: Putting Your Best Face Forward

“Flying right”: Adapting Aviation’s ‘Sterile Cockpit Rule’ to Improve Patient Safety in the OR

“Counts Are Correct”: Retained Foreign Objects

Educating Your Patients on Disposing of Unwanted Medications



The Truth Behind AB 35 and Its Impact on California Physicians

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