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3 Ways Unhappy Patients Can Get You in Trouble And How CAP Can Help Mitigate These Risks

Like many physicians, you may be burdened with administrative obligations that can make it difficult to balance outstanding clinical care with excellent customer service. But both play a critical role in the success of your practice. 

Patients who are displeased with the care or professionalism they receive from you or a staff member can react in a number of detrimental ways, including posting negative online reviews, leaving your practice or – worst-case scenario – filing a malpractice claim. As part of CAP’s commitment to protecting you and your practice, we offer a number of benefits designed to help improve the patient experience and optimize practice success.  

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Below, you’ll find three critical issues that can result from patient dissatisfaction, along with solutions from CAP-vetted vendors that can help rectify each – at discounted member rates:

Issue:  Lawsuits Stemming from Miscommunication or Lack of Informed Consent

Solution:  Medical Memory Video Patient Engagement Solution

Medical Memory was created to bridge the gap between doctor and patient communication. This gap in patient understanding can often lead to poor patient compliance, a greater risk for hospital readmission, and increased liability for medical malpractice claims.  Medical Memory enables you to:

Capture valuable medical information exchanged during a patient consultation

Highlight specific details on X-rays, models, and scans that will provide patients with a better understanding of their condition

Give patients access to video recordings of office visits through a secure and password-protected portal where they can review their video and share with loved ones

Not only can Medical Memory help mitigate risk, but it can also save you time by reducing the number of follow-up phone calls from patients, because most questions are answered during their clinical visit. 

Issue:  Tarnished Online Reputation

Solution:  PatientPop Online Marketing and Reputation Platform

PatientPop makes it easy for patients to share feedback with you and tell others about their positive experiences. To ensure top-tier healthcare reputation management, PatientPop helps monitor your reviews from external review sites every week, alerting you of negative feedback and pulling positive testimonials for use on your practice website.

In addition to helping preserve your professional reputation, PatientPop offers practices a suite of services to help grow your practice, including website development, online scheduling, social media support, and much more.

Issue: Reduced or Delayed Reimbursement

Solution:  Patient Experience Survey Program (PESP)

Through our relationship with SE Healthcare, physician members can implement a cost-effective, high-performance online survey platform that – among many other practice-optimization functions – generates a detailed patient experience analysis. 

The data collected leads to actionable insights and answers to your questions to allow you to make improvements and maximize your earnings through optimized reimbursement from payer negotiations.   

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