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Unparalleled Claims and Legal Representation

Support When It Is Needed Most 

CAP provides superior service, support, and a unique approach to medical malpractice claims and defense management on behalf of its members. CAP’s dedicated team of risk managers, claims experts, and attorneys work in unison to ensure members receive the information needed to make the defense process as seamless and comfortable as possible. Members get the attention and guidance they deserve for the best possible outcomes.  


24/7 Adverse Event Hotline

CAP provides members with access to an early intervention hotline that helps them manage adverse outcomes, any time. CAP’s experienced risk managers work one-on-one with members to offer nonjudgmental, confidential, and objective support and guidance for the initial fact gathering and analysis, anticipated questions and discussions with the patient and family, and disclosures and discussions among necessary parties.


Best-in-Class Claims Management 

CAP’s claims experts have a wide range of credentials and responsibilities that require in-depth knowledge of medicine, law, and business practices. This broad knowledge is necessary to properly investigate, evaluate, and resolve medical professional liability claims against its members. CAP’s claims team is committed to working with physicians through their cases by: 

  • Providing accurate and timely advice to protect their interests. 
  • Investigating cases and personally interviewing covered parties to determine the case merits and legal defenses. 
  • Working with defense counsel on managing litigated cases. 

Unique to CAP is the claims review process. CAP has five Claims Review Committees (CRCs), consisting of appointed physician members, who meet to discuss cases and decide whether they should be defended or settled. Physicians can trust that their cases are being evaluated by a team of peers who can skillfully recommend the proper course of action. Traditional insurance companies typically rely on adjusters, who may not have the same level of knowledge or expertise. 


Exceptional Legal Representation

CAP’s dedicated law firm, Schmid & Voiles, has been defending California healthcare providers since 1984. Because Schmid & Voiles attorneys work full time for CAP members, there is no incentive for the attorney to bill for increased hours or extended services, so physicians can trust that their cases will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising on exceptional service and legal defense. Moreover, physicians can have confidence in knowing that the attorneys with Schmid & Voiles are deeply concerned with the well-being of the physicians they serve. They know the medical community and have access to the top medical experts. They are respected and well known to present the best possible defense during litigation. 


Litigation Education Retreat

Recognizing the damaging effects a lawsuit can have on a physician’s personal and professional well-being, CAP created the Litigation Education Retreat to help members effectively deal with litigation stress and better understand the litigation process. As a free benefit of membership, this virtual program provides a thorough overview of the litigation process and helps participants navigate the personal and professional stressors associated with being named in a lawsuit.