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Risk Management Self-Assessment Kit: Free Resource to Help Reduce Risk in Your Medical Practice

CAP's risk management and patient safety specialists are highly proficient in identifying areas of risk and exposure, and offering risk reduction strategies. CAP's Risk Management Self-Assessment Kit was developed to share the knowledge amassed by these specialists from thousands of risk assessments conducted over the years.

This kit provides practical strategies for use by physicians, administrators, and office staff to evaluate and reduce the risks often found in medical practices. It includes a main guide with comprehensive descriptions of the items the medical practice should evaluate for safety and compliance. There is also a self-assessment checklist to help establish a baseline for your practice.

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Sample Questions Answered in the Risk Management Self-Assessment Kit:

Does the practice comply with a patient’s request for a copy of his medical record even when there may be an outstanding/overdue balance?

As required by state law, patient’s record requests must be honored.

Do staff members eat only in non-patient areas?

Patients often complain that food odors, such as popcorn, broccoli, and fish are nauseating.

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