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10 Tactics to Improve the Patient Experience

The front office staff discussing weekend plans, old magazines askew and the smell of a tuna sandwich permeating the waiting room can make a big difference in the patient experience. A negative impression can leave a patient less likely to follow patient treatment plans and recommend your practice to others. Here are 10 tactics to improve the patient experience. 

  1. Staff members should greet and introduce themselves, including their positions, to patients/visitors from check-in through check-out.
  2. Keep personal conversations among staff limited to non-patient areas.
  3. Have all staff members treat patient health concerns seriously and with empathy.
  4. Staff should provide courteous, clear, and understandable instructions and solicit feedback from patients.
  5. Keep track of arrival and departure times so patients waiting more than 15 minutes receive an explanation.
  6. Eat only in non-patient areas to minimize food odors patients are exposed to.
  7. Keep magazines/brochures current and relevant to the patient population.
  8. Encourage patients to use their waiting time productively by providing educational materials.
  9. Assist and accompany very young, old, infirmed, or disabled patients.
  10. Train your staff to handle complaints and assist patients with problems.


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