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The CAPAssurance Difference

CAPAssurance, a Risk Purchasing Group, is a cut above typical medical malpractice coverage, with concierge-level service, seasoned claims defense professionals who go the extra mile, and a suite of risk management and practice management solutions to reduce costs and improve operations. 


Secure Trusted Coverage

CAPAssurance is proud to offer risk financing solutions through one of the nation’s leading medical professional liability insurance carriers, physician-owned with more than 30,000 insured healthcare providers, $2.2 billion in assets, and an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best.1 

Medical Malpractice Coverage Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate eligibility for financial rewards
  • Availability of broad coverage options and a simplified policy form 
  • Medical Premises Liability included in the policy; standalone general liability is also available 
  • Regulatory defense sublimit for Medicare and Medicaid billing, medical license, OSHA, and ADA 
  • Prompt investigation, analysis, and defense of claims with efficient resolution 


Rigorous Claims Management and Assertive Legal Defense

With CAPAssurance, clients get the protection they need, backed by the talents of skilled and experienced dedicated claims professionals and top-tier defense attorneys who specialize in medical professional liability. Our skilled claims team thoroughly investigates and analyzes every claim to reach an efficient resolution for our members and our top-tier lawyers handle sensitive legal matters and focus on the optimal resolutions to support our clients’ best interests. We don’t file unnecessary motions, we won’t get bogged down in unwarranted depositions, and we avoid excessive discovery. That all adds up to efficient claims management and cost savings. 

CAPAssurance provides: 

  • Collaboration with our clients for their input on claims resolution 
  • Prompt claims investigation and defense 
  • Consultations with specialty-specific board-certified physicians 
  • CAP Litigation Education Retreat to educate, support, and optimally prepare members for trial


Risk Management and Patient Safety

CAPAssurance offers a relevant and robust suite of risk management and practice management solutions to help our clients minimize professional liability exposure, improve patient safety and outcomes, reduce costs, and operate more efficiently. 

CAPAssurance provides: 

  • Support from a team of risk management specialists with law, business, and nursing backgrounds and the expertise to assist with root cause analysis and apology and disclosure issues 
  • Access to our 24-hour hotline for immediate guidance on managing adverse events and high-exposure incidents 
  • Risk mapping across all service areas to identify best-practice improvement strategies 
  • CME-Accredited risk management and patient safety programs 


Practice and Business Solutions

CAPAssurance offers the following programs that can help clients save time and money and support an efficient business operation.  

Group Purchasing Program  
A free benefit that grants access to money-saving contracts for medical/surgical and non-medical supplies. 

Online Marketing Platform  
An all-in-one solution to manage and automate healthcare marketing, online reviews, patient scheduling, and more.

Patient Experience Survey Program  
A specialty-specific online survey platform that quickly and accurately reports patient reviews about the appointment experience. 

HIPAA Compliance and IT Support  
A cost-effective, one-stop solution for achieving and maintaining a practice’s HIPAA compliance requirements. Dedicated IT support to manage and monitor a practice’s systems and networks.

Online Compliance Training  
Web-based courses for employees on topics like HIPAA, OSHA, billing, and more. 


Medical Group Benefits

CAPAssurance offers benefits available for purchase by medical groups at a discounted group premium. Certain exclusions and deductibles may apply. 

CyberRisk Liability Insurance 
Provides $50,000 per claim and up to $250,000 annual aggregate protection, subject to a $2,500 per covered claim deductible, against potential data breach, including privacy liability, computer information security, electronic media liability, patient and regulatory notification, and regulatory fines and penalties. 

Employment Practices Plan 
Provides reimbursement up to $50,000 per Employment Event and $150,000 for all Employment Events per plan period to help cover legal expenses associated with employment-related lawsuits alleging wrongful termination. 

Group Disability Insurance2 
Provides up to $2,000 a month in disability insurance for up to 24 months should a physician become disabled. Additional coverage may be increased up to a total of $10,000 per month. 

Group Term Life Insurance2 
Provides a $10,000 benefit in the event of a physician’s death. 


The above CAP benefits are optional. Minimum CAP Dues for participation in the CAPAssurance program are $1,000. CAP Dues are not subject to E&S Taxes or Commission. 

1AM Best Credit Rating Analyst 

2Physicians must work an average of at least 17.5 hours per week, on behalf of the named insured entity, in order to be eligible for this benefit.