Protecting Your Employees and Your Practice

CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc. (CAP Agency) intimately understands medical practice challenges — and how to insure against those challenges most cost effectively. CAP’s Specialized Workers’ Compensation Program offers comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage for medical practices at negotiated low group rates for CAP members.

Whether you have a staff of one or 100, your employees play a big role in your practice’s daily success, so when an injury occurs on the job, both productivity and profits suffer.

Risk Management Lessons from Litigated Cases
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A strong workers’ compensation insurance plan is one of the most important coverages you can have as an employer. When an employee is injured in your practice, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for the medical expenses of the injured employee, cover his or her lost income, and protect the practice owner from a lawsuit stemming from the accident. 

Medical practices are not immune to frequent workplace accidents, which include overexertion, slips, trips, falls, and injury from contact with objects or equipment. When a claim is filed, you want to trust that your carrier will get your employee the best medical care and get them back to work ASAP. You should not wait for a claim to understand what your workers’ compensation policy covers or how the claim will be managed. A claim that is poorly handled has hidden costs to you, your practice, and your patients.

The insurance professionals at CAP Agency can also help you evaluate whether you have adequate business coverage for your practice. If you need to purchase coverage or would like us to get you a competitive quote for insurance you already have, call us at 800-819-0061 or send us an email at