Got CyberNet?

If you are a CAP member, you do.

NAS CyberNet was created to help members of the Cooperative of American Physicians prevent or mitigate damages caused by a data breach. A data breach can be very costly, causing down time to your practice as well as possible fines and penalties for HIPAA violations even if you do have insurance. So how do you prepare?

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CAP offers all members NAS CyberNet, a robust online suite that provides you and your practice the most up-to-date data training and support tools developed by certified experts. NAS CyberNet also provides free access to Interactive training courses, sample policies, incident response plan templates, and one-on-one expert consultations. Included is free HIPAA training that provides each employee who takes the course a certificate of completion to meet your annual HIPAA training requirements.

Understanding how to protect your practice is an important component of your risk management plan, as well as having insurance to cover costs and expenses if you were to have an incident. CAP membership also includes a limited cyber risk policy if you were to have a data breach.

To learn more about this significant member benefit, contact CAP Agency at or call 800-819-0061.