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Welcome to 2020! While it is a presidential election year and there will be headline after headline written about it, we are still months away from November. In the meantime, the California Legislature is back in session in Sacramento with plenty of issues and challenges waiting to be taken up, debated, amended, defeated, or passed.

Also, in 2020 CAP is looking at a potential challenge to MICRA at the ballot box once again. Some may remember there was a challenge in 2014 that CAP, as part of a large coalition, contributed to its defeat. Should there be a need to defend MICRA in 2020, having our members well-informed of the developments is the ultimate defense.

Risk Management Lessons from Litigated Cases
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With all this in mind, CAP’s Public Affairs team sees an opportunity to give our members even more detailed information on legislative, regulatory, ballot, and political activities in California and on the federal level than can be handled in the monthly CAPsules public policy column.

By becoming a CAP Public Affairs Insider, CAP members can remain more informed on legislative and regulatory activities affecting the practice of medicine and access to care as we move through a very busy year.

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CAP believes that our members are among the most sophisticated physicians in California when it comes to protecting access to care through public affairs activities. Through such programs as the Public Affairs Insiders and the Public Affairs Symposium to be held later in the year, CAP hopes to not only provide new and detailed information to our members, but to also learn more from our members how CAP can help physicians succeed in a complicated regulatory and legislative environment.

Via an electronic newsletter delivered to your inbox, we look forward to providing you the most current and relevant information and hopefully have it serve as a tool to help cut through some of the noise.

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Gabriela Villanueva is CAP’s Public Affairs Analyst. Questions or comments related to this article should be directed to