At CAP, We Are Leading Together

In partnership with the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), we are celebrating Healthcare Risk Management Week! This week brings awareness to the critical role healthcare risk management and patient safety professionals play in improving patient and workplace safety, promoting quality assurance, and minimizing liability exposure for involved clinicians and practices.

This year’s theme is Leaders in Safe and Trusted Health Care. The theme recognizes the achievements of all health care risk management professionals; and highlights their significant influence in advancing patient safety, reducing uncertainty, and maximizing value across the health care enterprise.

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At CAP, our Risk Management and Patient Safety specialists are an elite team of professionals — most of whom are RNs or JDs — or both. Further, their discrete areas of expertise range from EHR and healthcare technology, adverse event management, HIPAA and confidentiality, consent, and more. Together, our Risk Management team works tirelessly to ensure risk inherent in your practice is minimized.

“in our department we all have unique backgrounds, interests and areas of expertise, but we are strongly aligned in our mission—which is to work together to serve and support the member—to point out liability exposure, to identify a safe path for moving forward, to educate and support changes to practice that favorably impact patient safety and finally, to help these dedicated professionals sleep a little better at night, with the knowledge that they have an ally.”-Ann Whitehead, VP of Risk Management & Patient Safety

Don’t “Go it Alone”

Draw on the expertise of CAP’s Healthcare Risk Managers who can help. Our specialists work closely with members to offer superior risk reduction advice.

  • Identify Patient Safety Risks and Liability Exposure through intensive analysis of patient safety events, incidents, patient complaints and grievances. 
  • Formulate a Strategic Response to Adverse Events. In the aftermath of an adverse event, CAP’s risk management & patient safety specialists can assist with intensive incident analysis and the development of a plan that aims to 1) optimize patient safety 2) minimize liability exposure 3) restore good-will between patient and provider 4) preserve practice reputation and 5) support the involved provider.
  • Evaluate current practice patterns and identify changes to reduce risk. CAP’s risk management & patient safety specialists are available upon request to evaluate a member’s practice. Evaluations include a thorough assessment of office systems, documentation, and staff education needed to reduce risk.
  • Coach the involved provider on critical conversations with the patient and family and make recommendations for appropriate incident documentation.
Risk Management/Adverse Event Hotline 
  • Available 24/7 for risk management questions and concerns.
CAP Cares (Apology and Disclosure Program)​
  • An early intervention program that provides support to members in the immediate aftermath of an adverse outcome.
  • Patient Assistance Services (PAS) program
Practice Survey 
  • An assessment of office practice systems, and medical record review.
Practice Survey of Hospital Specialty Service - Visit with Medical Director of the Service (Hospitalist, Radiology, Neonatology, Anesthesia)
  • An onsite review (or phone assessment) review of identified risk issues of specialty and hospital-specific risk issues.
Office Staff In-service
  • Physician/staff education in a scheduled, formal presentation of specific risk management issues with distribution of risk management materials.
Entity Evaluation (Surgery Center, Emergency Room Evaluation, Dialysis Center, etc.)
  • An onsite assessment of facility, entity’s office systems, and medical record review.
CAP CME Risk Management Program 
  • 2 hour AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit risk management program for physicians and their allied health professionals.
CAP Risk Management Institute and Incentive Program 
  • Online Office Risk Management program to educate staff and help members motivate everyone in their practice toward improving patient safety and patient satisfaction.
Closed Claims Data Studies​
  • Review of CAP Closed Claims data for future risk management educational content.
Electronic Health Record Consultants
  • Risk management specialists acting as EHR consultants to assist members with EHR questions.
Risk Management Publications
  • Comprehensive collections of publications.
Risk Management Website
  • Comprehensive information including webinars, videos tips, guidebooks, risk management information and forms.
Specialty-specific  CME Educational Activities
  • Programs tailored specialty-specific (Orthopedic, Radiology, Anesthesia, Hospitalists, OB), and Residency Program.
Physician Wellness Programs
  • Broad set of resources for physicians to thrive and grow in their professional and personal lives.
Litigation Support
  • Seminar for physicians who are in the process of medical litigation, or who are interested in a better understanding of their role in the legal process.


For more information about our services or to request an office liability risk assessment, please email or call the Risk Management Hotline at 800-252-0555.