Risk Management and Patient Safety

CAPAssurance risk management and patient safety professionals are experienced registered nurses and clinicians, with advanced degrees and experience in public health, healthcare administration, practice management, and law.

Our specialists have decades of experience in assisting with risk identification and mitigation.  Specialists/consultants conduct an onsite risk assessment, provide consultative services, and offer pertinent educational resources on a wide range of risk management and patient safety topics.

The following lists the programs and services provided to CAPAssurance medical group clients at no additional cost:


Risk Assessment and Analysis

To help group practices reduce risk, a highly trained risk management specialist will conduct an in-depth, onsite risk analysis at the onset of coverage and thereafter for further evaluation, or upon request. Once results are analyzed, we meet with you to discuss our findings and provide a comprehensive summary, including recommendations for risk reduction.


Risk Management and Patient Safety Hotline

CAPAssurance knows that issues and questions do not always arise during normal business hours. Physicians, surgeons and risk managers can reach an experienced risk management specialist any time of the day or night to receive expert guidance on unanticipated outcomes or adverse events. 

The CAPAssurance Hotline is the gateway to our early intervention program designed to assist physicians and risk managers in managing adverse events.  Physicians, surgeons, and risk managers can access trained CAPAssurance team members to provide practical guidance, and emotional support.


CME Risk Management Program

To help improve patient safety, physician communication, and to decrease adverse events, new CAPAssurance physicians and their nurse practitioners and physician assistants may attend our CME Risk Management Program. This three-hour presentation focuses on preventing risk while enhancing the doctor-patient relationship. Office administrators are also encouraged to attend.


Onsite In-Service Trainings

Every practice is unique with its own set of challenges that may change over time. To support you in areas where you need it most, a risk management specialist is able to provide customized in-service trainings to your office staff, upon request, on such topics as, confidentiality, electronic health records, or any other areas of concern.


Risk Management Institute for Office Staff

This innovative online, risk reduction program is designed specifically for front- and back-office medical staff, including administrators, RNs, technicians, and other employees. The six-part training modules answer questions most frequently asked on the CAP Hotline.


Electronic Health Record Consultation

Expert EHR consultants can help ease the transition from paper to electronic recordkeeping by helping practices select the most appropriate system, identify what is needed to obtain federal funds for EHR implementation, and understand the importance of meaningful use.


Litigation Education Retreat

This day-long program helps physicians facing litigation deal with litigation stress, learn more about the litigation process, and gain valuable communication skills for deposition, arbitration, and trial. The group also participates in a “mock deposition” – an exercise that helps the physicians build confidence for their own cases. These retreats are available at no cost to physicians and their spouses.