Innovative risk and practice management tools for the modern practice.

In addition to superior medical malpractice coverage and extensive practice management benefits, CAP’s value-added resources help physicians like Dr. Salimpour keep up with rapid change.

The transformations in modern medicine are a challenge for every practice. CAP makes sure our physicians are ahead of the curve on such issues as Electronic Health Records, the complexities of HIPAA compliance, and protecting their online reputation and medical records in the digital age – to name a few.  We are proud to offer a wide range of educational resources free of charge, including action guides, webinars, newsletters and more. Dr. Salimpour believes that to stay ahead, practices have to undergo extraordinary change. "CAP helps doctors stay on top.”

Dr. Salimpour Relies on CAP for:
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Tremendous practice management resources
  • Extensive compliance training
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